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Basic Lesson in Eye Anatomy

The eye is the most sophisticated camera ever designed. This camera is made of living tissue that includes many complex lenses, light and task-adjusted apertures for focus, zoom, motility, depth perception, color, contrast, etc. With advances in modern medicine, most lenses of the eye are replaceable or correctable through LASIK, refractive surgery, glasses, contacts, various corneal transplants, cataract surgery and even clear lens exchange.

However, many parts of the eye derive from brain tissue during fetal development and cannot be replaced. This includes the camera film (retina), the wire to the processor (optic nerve) and the processor itself (brain). All are required for us to experience quality vision as we know it. And we too often take our vision for granted.

Eye Anatomy


Painful eye conditions often signal sight-threatening issues, and seeking prompt care can lead to better outcomes with the right diagnosis and management plan.

Sudden painless vision loss in one eye could indicate serious eye damage. Don’t wait; seek urgent eyecare to prevent irreversible vision loss.

EyeCare Now educates both patients and healthcare providers about recognizing signs that require urgent eyecare, ensuring timely treatment and preventing vision loss.

EyeCare Now is ideal for sudden, painless vision loss in one eye, while traditional emergency rooms are better suited for evaluating patients immediately after traumatic injuries or penetrating ocular injuries or other neurological symptoms.

EyeCare Now delivers timely care based on evidence-based standards of excellence, offers new treatments, and grants access to promising clinical trials through its partnership with RVC Research.

Eye Care Standards

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When it comes to treating the eye, EyeCare Now strives to deliver timely care and meet evidence-based standards of excellence while providing a positive patient experience. In addition, we seek to expand the standard of care by offering eligible patients new treatments and access to promising clinical trials through our RVC Research partner.