Emergency Eyecare Now

Patients with sudden painless vision loss often confuse urgent eye issues with far more common conditions that are not emergencies. Timely treatment results in far better outcomes and preservation of sight.

Emergency Eye Care Now

This list of common eye emergencies and urgent symptoms is provided to help patients identify whether their condition warrants urgent care.

Sudden Vision Loss

Painful or Painless

Pain In Or Around The Eye

Redness Or Light Sensitivity

New Floaters

such as spots, strings or cobwebs in your field of vision

A Bulging Eye Or Swelling Of Eye Tissue

Flashes Or Streaks Of Light

Double Vision

A Sudden Crossed, Turned Or "Wandering" Eye

Eye Discharge, Crusting Of The Eye Or Excessive Tearing

Eyelids Sticking Together

Sudden And Persistent Vision Blurring

Loss of Peripheral Vision

vision loss to one side of your eye

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