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ECN is Oklahoma's first and only urgent care center specializing in comprehensive, high-quality, low-cost, urgent eyecare for patients of all ages.

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Urgent Eyecare:

Saving Vision Together

Retina surgeons manage a high volume of sight-threatening emergencies. EyeCare Now’s founding retina surgeon saw the need for our services when he recognized patients in need of urgent eye care often took a costly and circuitous route to receive an accurate diagnosis and timely treatment through traditional models. This lack of urgent access to trained and specialized eyecare professionals far too often results in irreversible vision loss and a financial burden to the patient.


Uniquely Equipped

Unlike traditional emergency rooms and urgent care centers, ECN is uniquely equipped with the latest eye diagnostic technology and staffed by dedicated eyecare physicians.


Always Up-To-Date

While informing the public, ECN provides continuing medical education and training to assist primary care physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and emergency room physicians in managing urgent eyecare.

Sahab Astani

Dr. Sahab Astani is a residency-trained optometrist with a focus on ocular disease and refractive surgery. He grew up in Norman, OK and attended the University of Oklahoma for his undergraduate education where he received a Bachelor of Science in Biology. He attended Northeastern State University Oklahoma College of Optometry and received his Doctorate of Optometry. He completed his residency training in ocular disease and refractive surgery through NSU at EyeCare Associates of South Tulsa. During his time at NSU College of Optometry, Dr. Astani received several awards and scholarships and had the opportunity to present research at the American Academy of Optometry conference.

Dr. Astani utilizes his skills to manage anterior and posterior segment ocular diseases, including anterior segment laser procedures, in office surgical procedures, and treatment of a wide range of ocular disease. He is a member of the Oklahoma Association of Optometric Physicians and the American Optometric Association.


Brian P

Brian Phelps, MD

Sandeep S

Sandeep Shah, MD

More Options for You

EyeCare Now is strategically located in close proximity to RVC Retina and Summit Medical Center in Edmond, OK. Patients of ECN will have the option to receive highly coordinated medical and surgical services made available through ECN, RVC Retina and Summit Medical Center partners.

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Protect Your Vision

Dr. Brian Phelps understands the importance of cost and timeliness when it comes to the diagnosis and treatment of your eyes. Dr. Sahab Astani knows that early detection of eye diseases and other vision problems is vital in the fight to save and protect your vision for years to come.
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